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An entrepreneur and family man by heart, Darren is the owner of Team Perfect (previously known as S&D Enterprises).

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  • Bringing new products to market in Canada and the U.S.
  • Distribution with Team Perfect

Email me at darren@teamperfect.ca


SAJEEV KAPPUKATT - National Sales Manager

When not on the phone with retailers, you can usually find Sajeev out running. He hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

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  • National accounts
  • Custom Perfect Shakers

Email me at sajeev@teamperfect.ca


DONNA WANLESS - Account Manager

Donna finds her happy place running on the mountain trails of BC. She just returned from a 2 year around the world trip and has re-joined the team to support retailers locally and across Canada.

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  • Setting up an account with Team Perfect
  • Placing orders

Email me at donna@teamperfect.ca


 SARAH HORNBY - Community Engagement

Running is where it first started for Sarah. Then came a few years of dabbling in triathlon. Now, it's less about races and more about exploring the mountains she calls home. She and Ryan work in partnership to champion the ‘Hammer Lifestyle’. The couple live in Canmore.

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  • Social media
  • In-store events

Email me at sarah@teamperfect.ca


 RYAN CORREY - Community Engagement

Ryan is an accomplished Adventure Cyclist, founder of Bikepack Canada, and author of A Purpose Ridden. You can learn more about his story at www.ryancorrey.com

Let's chat!

  • Sponsorships
  • Hammer Nutrition fueling advice
  • Compex questions

Email me at ryan@teamperfect.ca